High Innovation in Sand Storage
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This is our history

Sand Revolution was founded in early 2017 based on the industry's need to have a true integrated last mile logistics provider, that offered a best in class trucking platform with a safe and reliable delivery system and a high storage capacity buffer on location.
Our team provides years of expertise in logistics, Hydraulic Fracturing process, operating and managing large scale service companies.

We are industry leaders in equipment technology, logistics management, and providing our services in the safest manner possible.

Sand Revolution

System Overview

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We Bring Innovation into Frac/Sand Storage and Logistics Services.

What is Sand Revolution dedicated to?

Sand Revolution is committed to providing the hydraulic fracturing industry with best-in-class Complete Proppant Solutions.

Our mission is to make our system the safest, most cost effective, and efficient in the industry.

Sand Revolution is also focused on providing last mile logistics for our customers and bringing value‐ added solutions to an inherently costly and complex business.

Where does Sand Revolution operate?

Sand Revolution currently operates in the Permian Basin with opportunities in place to expand into new basins.

Who are customers for Sand Revolution?

Sand Revolution provides services to the largest pressure pumping company in the Permian Basin and one of the largest Oil and Gas Operators in the United States.

We are actively seeking partnership opportunities with Fracturing Service Companies, Oil and Gas Operators, and Proppant Distributors.

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