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The Sand Revolution system is operated in a closed loop which protects our employees, wellsite pumping equipment, and the environment we operate in. Our system streamlines truck movement on wellsites eliminating the hazards of congested vehicle placement.

The Sand Revolution sand trailer carries a max capacity of 27 tons. This carrying capacity reduces the number of loads required to wellsite vs. conventional delivery methods. Each trailer of 27 tons unloads on a wellsite in an average of 6 minutes.

Sand Revolution’s onsite storage capacity is 3 million lbs. Our storage capacity provides contingency storage inventory and allows our Frac crews to contiune pumping stages to maximize efficiencies.

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Why are we

Sand Revolution leadership team has the credible and wide-ranging experience needed to achieve sustainable success in this industry. We put that experience to work for our customers, amplifying an advantage that simply cannot be overstated.

Sand Revolution is on top of its game and aware of industry technological advancements by embracing every opportunity to improve efficiency, quality and customer care through technology.

The training provided to employees is of exceptional quality.

We ensure every Sand Revolution employee attends training and gets prepared to enter the field equipped with the appropriate knowledge and confidence to perform excellently well in operations and safety.

Sand Revolution aims to make sure its employees make it home safely to their families at the close of their day. The culture of safety is spread throughout the entire organization.

Reduction in truck loads required to well site

No blower required (no noise)

No pressuring up on pneumatic trailers

No backing up to unload trailers

No rig up or rig down required from drivers, thus eliminating potential injuries

Eliminates extreme close truck positioning hazards

Simple safe truck flow path with minimal well site foot print required

Average of 12% reduction in truck loads required to well site

Average offload time for 27 tons is 6 mins, which enables drivers to turn more loads per day and produces a reduction in fleet size required

Reduction in days fracing required by maintaining the supply of sand to frac crew and reducing Non‐productive time

Sand Revolution executes all dispatch and coordination of logistics, requiring the provision of only proppant pick up point

We have the resources to meet their needs on time, every time

Great Quality and on time 24/7 service is delivered to our customers.