On Monday evening, Greg Lanham announced that he has joined Sand Revolution as CEO. Greg was previously CEO at Solaris until his unexpected departure last week.

We had a chance to catch up with Greg Monday evening to learn more about his new role and company.

Sand Revolution is a new entrant last mile logistics and wellsite storage firm that has been flying under the radar… well mostly… you may recall this investigative report we filed on the company back in March of this year (see section 3).

Sand Revolution is different from Solaris in a number of ways. One of the most notable differences is trucking, which Solaris does not own. Sand Revolution on the other hand derives the vast majority of their revenue from trucking, which Greg is excited about. He has bought into Sand Revolution’s fully delivered and integrated model.

Greg told us that Sand Revolution has about 100 employees and 4 systems active in the field today. With Greg joining the firm’s current leadership, the pieces seem to be coming together for Sand Revolution to begin growing aggressively from the current foothold. The company was funded to this point with internal capital and is investigating the best alternatives to bring in capital for the next round of growth.

From a base of 4 systems today, the company intends to more than double the fleet to have 10 systems deployed by early-2019.

A Sand Revolution “system” is defined as 6 silos (3.1mmlbs storage), a vertical conveyor, and 20 aluminum belly dump sand trailers (each truck holds 28 tons of payload). These trucks hold about 20% more sand than the average sand trailer in the market today.

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