A First Look At The New Supersized Sand Revolution Systems [Exclusive]

We had a chance to catch up with the Sand Revolution team this week to learn about a new supersized design that the last mile / wellsite storage company will be rolling out before year-end 2019.

Sand Revolution CEO Greg Lanham shared with Infill Thinking that the company has engineered a new spread layout that includes four new “bolt-on bins” (our description not theirs) that will sit in front of the standard six silos deployed in the current design. The new bins are shorter and a bit wider so the same top fill conveyor in use by the company today will reach over them to serve the back row, or reach down to fill the new front row.

Here’s a look at the new supersized configuration followed by a few important notes about the supersized system.

The supersized system can optionally be configured as a six-pack.

Supersized System Details, Specs, & Construction

  • The additional storage will be deployed across Sand Revolution’s existing fleet without requiring any additional footprint on the
  • The design enhancement will add about 2mm pounds of storage per deployed system, taking each Sand Revolution unit’s total capacity up to 5.2mm pounds on location.
  • The current system already offers industry leading wellsite storage capacity – this upgrade solidifies that position while reducing trucking requirements to serve each fleet due to the buffer that can be built.

  • Management believes the enhanced storage on location will drive the trucks required to serve each spread down by 25% because of the inventory buffer that can be built on location in advance of jobs allowing the logistics outfit to just trickle trucks in instead of having to surge loads while jobs are
  • The design of the new silos is very similar to the current silos in order to make manufacturing and operation seamless. For example, about the same number of truck loads will fill each silo, the same base is used just slightly modified, and the new equipment will be moved by the same trailers under the same kind of load permits (just adding six more loads to move the system).
  • Sand Revolution has committed to building three of these supersized upgrades to deploy on three of their standard existing fleets. Lead time on the first deployment is about 8-10 weeks from today, and construction just got underway this
  • While much of the focus in the last mile industry has shifted to execution after a half decade of innovation, it’s good to see pockets of technology enhancement still occurring. This design edit is an innovative step change in wellsite storage without requiring a lot of capital. And importantly, it’s advancement without adding to the industry fleet count in this market

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