New Last Mile Gear Goes Live In The Permian Basin [Photos And Analysis]

Sand Revolution has deployed their new and improved wellsite storage solution, the “SuperPac”, in the Midland Basin where the system made its debut in October 2020.

As the pictures below show, this configuration is a supersized version of Sand Revolution’s original silo solution.

The SuperPac system design enhancement adds four more shorter silos to the original six pack, placing 10 silos in the same footprint. This improves sand stored on location to 5.3mm lbs from 3.2mm lbs in the original design without any more clutter or space required at the wellsite. The same single powerpack per base as the original system serves this new configuration, and because of the additional storage capacity on location, Sand Revolution estimates they can keep pace with a big 15-stage a day job with 30% fewer trucks.

In this first field application, Sand Revolution tells Infill Thinking that their team unloaded nine trailers (480,000 lbs of sand) in just over forty minutes (this includes the time moving the conveyor between the trailers).

Management also says they have built three more SuperPacs in their fleet that are ready to deploy behind this initial foray. The company expects to have 7-8 total systems running – including their original systems and the SuperPac – by year-end. That’s nearly a quadruple from their activity at the cyclical low point this year.

Check out tons of details on the original Sand Revolution configuration from our field trip recap last year here. Also, we previewed the SuperPac design enhancement to Sand Revolution’s system about a year ago in this update.

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